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The concept is food: an amateur's illustration.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Problem with Lent

This year I am thinking about giving something up for lent. I have already had a slice of carrot cake at my friend's birthday, which I excitedly ate without giving it a seconds thought, so it obviously means that cake is off the cards, oh and carrots, and cream cheese frosting, but seeing as it's my birthday before Lent finishes I think we can let that one go. Not having birthday cake on your birthday goes against the whole point of the day! I also ate ONE Quality Street, which was actually asking me to eat it - so I wasn't to blame! It was only when the chocolate started to melt in my mouth that I realised another one was off my list. However in order to decided what I am going to give up I think I need to address a couple of questions first: how much do I really want to challenge myself - and why do I want to give up something in the first place?

Because I am writing a food blog, we can all assume that I am challenging myself to give up a particular food. But why and what? I suppose for some, there might be health reasons behind deciding to do Lent. One might have a couple of pounds that they want to shift, so hopefully by cutting out cheese for 40 days it might help the cause. Or is it about increasing one's willpower? Testing oneself, to prove a point. But really, why should we deny ourselves the things we love. I love food, and I am passionate about it. I think about what I am going to have for lunch at breakfast, and dinner at lunch and I get excited by trying new things and experimenting with flavours. Surely that is what is more important - why deny when we can explore. Trying new things everyday, whether it's cooking a new recipe or trying a new cheese or having a bar of your favourite chocolate, surely will enrich our lives rather than hinder them. So I say ditch lent, and embrace the chance to challenge yourself to try new things.  

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  1. I SO agree! I think the idea of lent is so constraining- surely better to expand your horizons than to limit them! look forward your next entry.


    Went to the Haberdashery the other day- think you got it spot on but I would say the club sandwich was a bit dry for my liking- oh well- not everything can be perfect and those muffins are to DIE for!