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The concept is food: an amateur's illustration.

Friday, 24 December 2010

To Padstow for Lunch

Yesterday we drove to Padstow, another harbour town. We went to one of Rick Stein’s restaurants for lunch. He has 5 in total (in Padstow alone): a Seafood Restaurant, a Bistro, a Café, a Fish and Chip shop, and a Patisserie, oh and a Deli, a Cookery School and Gift Shop. I can see why the town has been nicknamed ‘Padstein’ - the man is everywhere. We have wanted to go to his Café for a while, having been to his Bistro and Seafood Restaurant before, we’ve always wanted to check it out – however, you can’t book and as you can imagine in the summer, when we usually visit, the place is heaving. But the fact it is Christmas and 20 degrees colder it was empty and only a handful of tables were taken.

I ordered a feta, red onion, roasted tomato and basil tart which was delicious. The tart base, instead of being a short crust pastry tart was a Filo pastry disc. It was an interesting alternative as it was really light and less stodgy. The pastry didn’t take over the dish.

My sister, ordered Chicken with a Satay sauce and noodle salad.

Whilst my mum ordered a lamb and spinach curry. Seasonal hey??

Despite none of us eating seasonally or locally (i.e. fish) the food was lovely and it was a treat to go there.

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