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The concept is food: an amateur's illustration.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Stein's Fish and Chip's

A Review: After waiting in a queue, outside of Rick Stein’s Fish and Chip Shop, in the rain for 15 minutes to get a seat, things unfortunately didn't improve when we were finally let inside. We were hurried towards the back of the restaurant, and plonked down on to the end of an already half full table by a pushy waitress who slammed down in front of our faces, three laminated menus. However, once seated and coats were casually shoved under the table we finally looked at the laminated menus, and we couldn't complain anymore. The menu was like nothing I had seen before in a fish and chip shop (apart from the ones in Edinburgh which offer you an infinite amount of anything deep fried) as there was so much on offer; Cod, Hake, Haddock, Plaice, Sea Bream, Lemon Sole, Skate, Monkfish, Salmon and Mackerel, all caught locally and cooked in a variety of ways battered, fried and grilled. Chips were served with all portions and there ware a choice of sides; mushy peas, tartar sauce, curry sauce, bread and butter, salad an actual chip butty, tiger prawns and oysters shucked or battered if you so wished.

I had the battered Lemon Sole. The fish was good. The batter may not have been to everyone's taste as it was made from beef dripping rather than traditional beer or vegetable oil batter, but it was surprisingly light and flavoursome, and it did not over power the light fillets of fish. I was served three pieces of fish, which was generous, so the portions were not meagre. But there were too many chips, which to be honest were not great; they were soggy, not crisp and fluffy like they should be. The homemade tartar sauce was delicious but the mushy peas were I hate to say it, too mushy and salty which was disappointing. And to top if off, the prices were not great either. The Lemon sole was £9.95 without the additional tartar sauce and mushy peas and that was not the most expensive thing on the menu, battered squid i.e. calamari was £12.95. 

I wouldn't go there again, unfortunately. It was an experience; the fish was good but everything else was rather standard and for the price that we paid, I, along with everyone else crammed into the tiny room, I think, expected a little more. 

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